10 Things I Learnt In 10 Years With YWAM

By YWAM Newcastle on September 18, 2013 in Staff Blog

… here at YWAM Newcastle.
by Sam Street

As I have just finished my time with YWAM in Newcastle, Australia it caused me to reflect on what happened in my time there. To all those who supported me through prayer, finances and encouragement, you have made an incredible impact on the lives of many people in Newcastle. Thank you!

10. I love to travel and meet people of other cultures

I have been to 15 other countries just in the past 10 years and met people from so many more. I love seeing God’s character come to life through other cultures. It is also helpful to learn the important phrases in other languages. Such as “Tengo un gato en mis pantalones!”, which is Spanish for “I have a cat in my pants!”

9. How to play field hockey

I really like sport and I grew up playing baseball. When I moved to Newcastle I didn’t have the opportunity to play baseball and after a few years I was really desperate to play any competitive sport. Thankfully some local friends introduced me to field hockey. Shout out to the Newcastle University (Seapigs) Hockey Club.

8. It’s great to be a Queenslander living in New South Wales when it comes to sports.

Out of the 10 State of Origin (QLD vs NSW rugby games) series played while I lived in Newcastle, Queensland has won the last 8… IN A ROW!!! That being said, I think Newcastle is the best city in Australia, but Queensland is the best state.

7. God is an incredibly faithful provider

In YWAM we don’t receive an income through YWAM but operate off of a relationship based support network. I have estimated that in these last 10 years God has provided for me approximately $170K. This all came through people supporting what God was calling me to do. Then on top of that there is all the non-cash donations! To prove his point God recently provided $19k in just 5 weeks for Erin and I to get started with YWAM in Russia.

6. Family is very important

“God sets the lonely in families” (Psalm 68:6). I have been physically away from my family but in the midst of that God still put me in family. With YWAM Newcastle, with Hunter Christian Church, with special friends that took me in. Not to replace my family but because God loves to multiply his blessing of family. Having family around me has helped me stay committed to the call of God.

5. How to barefoot waterski

I think life is a lot more fun when you’re doing something extreme. Being pulled along behind a boat at 44 mph with just your feet to stand on is a bit extreme… and I love it!

4. God never gives up

Some of the things we go through in life are hard. Sometimes I’ve brought that upon myself and sometimes not. In the midst of things being hard God has never given up on me. He leads us in triumphal procession (2 Corinthians 2:14)

3. Teenagers are absolutely hilarious and we should encourage them

A main area of ministry I was part of in Newcastle was working with 12 – 17 year olds. They can drive you absolutely crazy. But for me it was all worth it. They are hilarious and to see a young person be courageous and stand up for someone being picked on or to make a good choice despite negative influences is a huge reward.

2. Trusting God is scary but worth it

Moving to Russia with my wife Erin is the scariest thing I have ever done. But being where God wants me is the best place to be. Not only that but because of God I have been on an adventure I never would have taken on my own.

1. Hearing God’s voice on a daily basis

This is the single biggest lesson that has changed my life the most. We have a God who is not distant. He is right there with us, always. In the good and the bad. I can talk with Him about anything big or small. Without this foundation I would have missed out on the dreams He had for me, the adventure He wanted me to go on, the comfort and direction I desired, and the truth of what God thinks about me.

My DTS back in October 2003.