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By YWAM Newcastle on February 23, 2016 in Discipleship Training Schools, Outreach

The standard auto rickshaw, or tuk tuk as it is known in western society, can hold about eight people. Outreach has given me the opportunity to witness lots of people squeezing into one to be dropped off at prayer meetings. So, here we were not knowing where we were going, being driven all over the place through dark corners with the occasional cow on the side of the road. A few of us stopped in front of a building where we could hear people singing and I joked,

“I don’t know where we need to be, but if all else fails we could just follow the singing and see where we end up!”

We hopped out and followed the driver up a few flights of stairs and as we climbed higher, the singing we heard grew louder. Eventually, we walked into the exact room where we heard the singing coming from and that is where God began a night of testimony and healings.

They asked to hear our testimonies and my heart began beating fast.

I had never spoken it publicly before, so I started running through my entire life in my head and feeling stress grow as everyone else went. The more I focused on myself and what I wanted to say, the more stressed I got. Finally, it was my turn. I had memorised all that I thought I would say only to be interrupted by the Holy Spirit who spoke for me. I can’t remember all that I said, but I know that people were touched by all of the testimonies that were shared that night. I learned that when you rely solely on yourself, you get nowhere.

Being led by the Holy Spirit while being translated was probably the coolest experience I have ever been blessed with!

After speaking, we got the opportunity to pray for several of the people there. Suddenly, myself and another teammate felt back pain. We both had never dealt with pain like this before, so we were clearly being told to pray for someone with back pain. When we asked if anyone had back pain, three different ladies shot up their hands and came over to be prayed for. One lady in particular didn’t just need physical healing, but emotional healing as well.

We were told that a few months back her husband had died, which left her to take care of their two kids.

We prayed over her for about five minutes and when I looked up, I saw that she was crying. She hadn’t dealt with the emotional pain of losing her husband yet so another teammate held her in her arms for twenty minutes to let her cry. I could feel my hand and my back getting hot from the pain releasing from her body!

Because we were led by the Holy Spirit, we saw more than six healings that night.

I had never experienced this before, and I had been praying about God giving me more opportunities to pray for people. I had been asking Him to reveal Himself in new ways and this was what He was showing me.

He showed me that even with a language barrier we can still connect with prayer and a smile.

Earlier that week, God gave me the realisation of what love is truly like: we all have differences, whether it be skin tone, language, or how we dress, but the one thing we have in common is love for Jesus! God’s people may be separated geographically, but nothing can separate His children coming together to worship our true Father!

by Michelle Scott
YWAM Compassion DTS Student


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