A Prodigal Son Returns Home – Bondi YWAM Outreach

By YWAM Newcastle on January 23, 2015 in Discipleship Training Schools, Evangelism, Outreach

On our first day of outreach in Bondi we were blessed with a returned brother in Christ! We have been recognising how we have different roles in evangelism: to plant, water, and harvest fruit. On this occasion, we were able to see the fruit of what God is doing in Bondi. We have mainly been street evangelising and have had to get over fear of man in order to be bold and obedient to God.

Jordan and two other students were talking to as many people as they could on the street in front of Bondi beach when Jordan turned around and saw a man standing behind her. She simply said ‘Hi’ which sparked a conversation about what she was doing in Australia. Mark was deeply moved and encouraged by Jordan’s testimony of how when she was younger she drifted away from God but was later completely forgiven, given new life and the privilege of having the Holy Spirit dwell inside of her. Mark wanted this for himself! Mark had once been a Christian but had lost his faith when he fell into depression, anxiety and loneliness. When Jordan asked if he wanted to recommit his life to Jesus he immediately said ‘yes!’ The students also prayed that Mark would be freed from anxiety and stress. After praying, the heaviness was lifted off his chest and Mark was completely healed!

Mark came to the Come and Live Columbia Documentary and looked like a totally different person! He was so happy, full of life, and energetic. He was no longer scared to talk to people! He was shocked to realise how much power we have inside of us to pray for healing and decided to start attending the Church that hosted the evening.

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