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By YWAM Newcastle on January 28, 2014 in Discipleship Training Schools, Evangelism, Outreach


Today was our first day of prostitute ministry. A few of the girls and I headed for the park where the men and women meet to negotiate prices, unsure of what to really expect. Our translator told us she would speak to the women one-on-one while we walked around the park silently praying. If any of the women were willing to speak with us, we were to wait for her signal, then follow her to a café where we could talk privately with the women. “Sometimes,” she told us, “we can walk for hours then leave without even getting to speak to anyone.”

I could hear our school leader, Dieuwke’s, voice in my ear: “Dream BIG with God!”

I told God I didn’t want to return home that day without going to a café and getting to talk to one of the women. To me, a simple conversation was dreaming big. Little did I know that God’s plan was immeasurably more than that.

After half an hour of circling around the park, seeing our translator approach many different women and watching them all walk away, we suddenly noticed she was headed towards the gate. With her, linked arm and arm, were two of the women from the park. We were pretty much in shock and disbelief until we were actually sitting across from them at the table inside a nearby café.

One of the women, in her mid-50s, did all of the talking first. She was quick to open up and tell us her story of how she was a Christian, but felt shame because of her job. We got to tell her about the way God sees her, and we could see Him opening her eyes to His untiring love from across the table when she told us she had never heard His grace explained to her like that before. She got a call and had to leave, but we got to pray for her before she left.

Then, it was the quiet woman’s turn. She was 20 years old – about my age – and had been listening without saying a word. Unsure where she stood with God, we just asked her about herself and how she ended up working in the park. Her mom passed away when she was 3, she never met her dad, and her grandmother had been taking care of her until a few years ago when she lost her, too. She didn’t have an education and wasn’t able to read, so she couldn’t get a job anywhere else. After only about ten minutes into the conversation, before we could even mention Jesus’s name, her question took us all by surprise.

She looked at us and asked, “so, what do I have to do to become a Christian?”

When we responded asking her if she knew what it meant and understood the gospel, since about 99% of Nepal is Hindu or Buddhist, she was very clear that she knew who Jesus was and she wanted Him for herself: “If everything you said about that God [to the other woman] is true, why wouldn’t I want Him? He sounds very good to me.” In the dimly lit café, through our Nepali translator, we got to close our eyes and lead her in praying and asking Jesus to come into her life, hearing her tell Him that she loves Him and He’s her Saviour.

To keep the pattern of sharing hope continuing, our translator told her she knew of a place the girl could live that would take care of her, and she promised her she could find her a new job, too, if she’d be willing to trust her. The girl agreed.

We left the café with our new sister in Christ. Tonight, our friend across the table is not a prostitute; she is a princess, a daughter of the Most High King. We had tears in our eyes walking back to the house thinking about what just happened. On our first day of prostitute ministry, we lead a girl out of prostitution and into a relationship with Jesus and eternal life. I am very, very thankful that God is so much better at “dreaming big” than I am.

By Emma Protis
Compassion DTS

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Walking through the streets of Nepal.