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By YWAM Newcastle on January 5, 2016 in Staff Blog

Every few months our Discipleship Training Schools head out around the world on their outreaches. They are filled with anticipation and adventure. For the first time since I’ve been on staff I recently had multiple students ask me one question.

“So what are you doing next?”

It made me giggle a little a first, like they thought I would leave because they were leaving, or that I was just on staff for one quarter. “I stay here, someone’s gotta keep this place running.” I watched each student as that clicked in their brain.

This is my mission field right here, while students come and go, I stay and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Who else will disciple students through practical ministry? Who else will take care of missionaries as they travel and speak on our schools? Who else will write in the cards or make that welcome pack? Who else will be called to the totally radical and completely selfless world of Hospitality? If you want to be challenged or if you want to be ruined for the ordinary. If you want to make more friends than you could ever ask for then wave them goodbye three months later, or if you simply want to know what God has in store for you once you’ve reached the end of yourself, Hospitality is for you. Yea, doesn’t sound that attractive does it? Those aren’t pretty words, but it’s the truth and I still wouldn’t have it any other way.

Why? Because some speakers who come through haven’t been home to their families in weeks, they can be just as tired and just as stretched as I am during my busiest weeks. Because some guests may never have walked through our doors, if I hadn’t answered their email. Because some students come to me and don’t know how to do laundry or make a bed and I don’t just get to teach them how, I get to teach them why. Because one day I sent my students out to give an elderly lady cookies and I will never forget her smile. I could go on and on about why I have the most amazing job in the world but the simple way of putting this is that

Mayfield, Australia is my mission field

and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I am sincerely and completely in love with Hospitality even though when I began this job I never thought I could be. This is the place I will stand still for, which is perhaps the biggest step of faith one can take. What are you willing to stand still for?

ywam-staff-rachelRachel works as a hospitality co-ordinator here at YWAM Newcastle. She loves to write, organise, and she loves to clean and share the journeys & wisdom she has received from God.

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