God Specialises in Hard Hearts – Australia DTS Outreach

By YWAM Newcastle on October 17, 2013 in Discipleship Training Schools, Evangelism, Outreach

One of our outreach teams from the World Explorer DTS has been in Canberra, Australia’s capital city.

Take a moment to imagine a difficult place for evangelism. A place where God is sneered at and Christianity is a joke. Many people are surrounded by comfort, education and affluence, oblivious to the need for their Provider.

Intelligence sits on the throne of people’s hearts

and some are closed off to the very idea of God. Welcome to Canberra! This past week has consisted of hours upon hours of roaming the streets, mall, university, and skate-park talking to strangers about their Saviour and Creator. From day one, it was very apparent that we needed God to plant seeds in the hearts of those we talked to because our words seemed to be met only by guarded walls and drawn weapons. If not for the grace of God and His faithfulness, this would be disheartening and overwhelming. However, we have seen some cracks in hard hearts here. On Saturday, our team of seven met up with some of the people who attended the evangelism class we led earlier that week. We were all ready to put our faith into action. Ryan and one of the men teamed up, hit the streets and approached the first group of people: a rough crowd of men. Our fearless student from the evangelism session mustered up his newfound courage and boldly spoke about Jesus with Ryan right behind him. No more than a couple sentences were spoken before

one man began angrily swearing and looking as if he was preparing to swing

at the duo. From the outside, it looked like this man’s heart was too hard for our message of love to penetrate. Luckily, our God specialises in hard hearts… The next day we helped out with a barbecue for the homeless held at Civic—a prominent commerce plaza in the centre of Canberra.  And guess who was there: the man who had the angry outburst at Ryan and our friend the day before! Except now, he calmly sat down next to the two, engaged in a friendly conversation while eating a sausage. With persistence, patience and God’s heart, we have been able to see so

many of the walls around this city begin to come down.

Please pray for the seeds that were sown in hearts during our time there. God causes the growth and we are believing for great stories to come! Are you a world explorer? Check out our upcoming World Explorer DTS by CLICKING HERE.