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By YWAM Newcastle on February 25, 2016 in Discipleship Training Schools, Outreach

Afghan Hill is an interesting place. It is an overflow refugee camp in Lesvos built of tarp tents and dirt. What makes it so interesting is the fact that it’s illegal. It’s a camp completely built from donations and volunteers without any permits or permission from the government. Even though it’s illegal, the Greek government won’t do anything about it because if they did they’d have have to house and feed all the refugees who stay there. 

During one day between two night shifts, a few of my team mates and I went to hang out at Afghan Hill in

hopes of talking to some refugees who were there.

When we got there, I met a young man from Pakistan named Abdur who thankfully spoke english. 

I sat down with him and got to hear the story of his travel to Greece. He told me the stories of how he payed $5,500 for the journey and along the way got split up from his friends, got shot at, beat, robbed, and scammed. Now he was on the island, so broke

he could barely call his family, alone, and still unsure if he would even make it to his destination in Germany. 

He said to me, “Tommy, today is a sad day for me.” On this particular day, a few volunteers that he had made friends with, all left. I took the opportunity to relate to him and share with him about how I had a time in my life where I was sad and alone, but Jesus gave me happiness and joy. I went on to share a few scriptures of how the Gospels describe Jesus. After I was finished I realized that a group of 5 refugees had gathered to my right and were listening in. 

Abdur went on to talk about how he was Muslim and how he was frustrated by his religion. We talked for almost 3 hours that afternoon and I probably could have talked with him all night if I didn’t have to leave for my next shift. 

We both left the conversation impacted by each other. For myself, it was the first time that I got to sit down and really get deep with a muslim, to hear about his faith and be open about mine. For him, who knows, it could have probably been

the first time he heard from a Christian about what the bible says about who Jesus is. 

By, Tommy Pequinot

YWAM Trailblazers DTS, Lesvos Greece Outreach

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