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By YWAM Newcastle on March 4, 2016 in Discipleship Training Schools, Outreach

The word trust means to have “firm belief in the reliability of someone”. This is a word I only recently found the true meaning of.

On our teams second night shift, the camp was flooded with new refugees and things began to get hectic.

We had very little instructions, so as people flooded in we had no idea where to send them.

With all the confusion and chaos going on in the camp, I ended up finding myself at the registration line alone. 

As the sun rose, a Syrian family came in and asked for a place to sleep. They had four kids who were all very young. The father was carrying three bags and the mother had a bag on her back with her young daughter in her arms. The mother was very tired and I could see it on her face. As I hand motioned for them to follow me to get their room, the mother gestured for me to hold her daughter. Though I have only ever held one baby in my life, this mother looked to me to carry her prized possession. 

I reached out and took the little girl, expecting her to cry after being taken from her mother.

However, as I took her into my arms she wrapped her arms around my neck, and it shocked me how peaceful she became. Soon it began to hit me just how much of an honor it was to hold this child. 

The families that come through this camp have lost everything. They’ve lost their homes. Many have lost their bags and possessions on the boat ride into the island. Some have even lost family members. For this woman,

her child was one of the few things she had left, but she entrusted me with her.

As I walked the family up to the family compound, I was nearly brought to tears realizing the desperation of this family and feeling the pain in their hearts. As I brought them into their crowded room, they were able to set their bags down and rest. The father did his best to express his gratitude to me through the language barrier and shook my hand. Although I didn’t see healing, or salvation, or even have the opportunity to pray for them, I saw the beginnings off hope in their eyes.

By, Tommy Pequinot

YWAM Refugee Outreach, Lesvos Greece

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