How I Discovered God’s Power In My Everyday Life

By YWAM Newcastle on June 2, 2017 in Discipleship Training Schools

I couldn’t believe that God could speak to me personally, and in an extraordinary way. But I found myself in this thrilling experience that changed my life forever. Growing up on the island of Fiji, life was simple and flexible. As they always say, ‘live today as if there is no tomorrow’ and ‘to wake up each morning is a blessing.’

This simply means tackle each day as it comes; there are no plans for tomorrow.

A few years ago I was in Samoa, and after growing up in an island village, going to other places was a bit difficult. But for me, discovering other cultures and their way of life was an adventure!

While I was here, I met up with some young people with different nationalities. They shared with me their experiences, encounters with God that blew my mind. I found myself wanting to know more about their stories. They mentioned that a Discipleship Training School (DTS) was starting in a week, and asked if I was interested. DTS is a training school which helps people know who God is and how to make Him known. I was in another country trying to figure out what to do! I continued to ask myself all the questions, “How can I be part of a DTS in a foreign country? Who will pay? What will I wear?”

I only intended on being in Samoa for two weeks, so I definitely hadn’t packed enough for six months!

But for some reason I decide to stay and do a DTS: a three month lecture phase with a three month missions trip. On the very first day in class, we had a man in his 60s as our guest speaker. His opening sentence was, “At the end of this week, you will be able to hear the voice of God.” I said to myself, “What!? How can I hear God’s voice?” I grew up knowing who God is, but to experience Him in a personal way was something different. Little did I know that this was the beginning of my journey with God. At the end of that week, my heart was overwhelmed, and something within me wanted to know more about God. Hearing God’s voice has been an enjoyable moment in my intimate friendship with God. As the weeks passed by, I continued to experience God’s miraculous power. God provided for my finances throughout my DTS.

As I go through my everyday life, I listen to Him and trust Him to intervene in even the smallest details.

God can help us whether in a college exam, encouraging a hurting friend, in knowing when to apply for a certain job or even which clothes and shoes to wear each day! No detail in life is too small to ask for His help. If you want to have an intimate friendship with God, DTS is a great adventure that can change your life forever!

by Viliame Namua
School of Communication & Digital Influence Student

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