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By YWAM Newcastle on July 25, 2015 in Music, Training

As the long anticipated day arrived, our EP was finally finished and released to the world. It was very surreal listening to the songs my band mates and I wrote and played for six months around Australia and New Zealand.

I can’t explain the feeling of writing a song and watching it grow

and become something and then recording it and sharing it with the world.

During the School of Music in Missions, we dug deep into how the power of music can speak truth to those who need to hear it. After having three months of lectures on looking at music cross-culturally, pursuing excellence in music, exploring biblical worldview and peering into the heart of the artist, we had a better understanding of what ‘truth’ was. We grew a deep conviction that people needed to hear this truth, coupled with the belief and courage that we actually had a way to deliver it.

Going into this school, I struggled with the term “heart for the lost”

because I felt like I didn’t have it. I knew that I should probably have it, but didn’t understand how or what that fully looked like. One late night/early morning during the lecture phase of the school I was lying wide awake extremely homesick. I remember feeling frustrated, because I had never really felt homesick before in my life. In the midst of my agitation I asked God to speak to me and help me make sense of what I was feeling. Right away I felt like He said to me “Hannah, this is how I feel about those who don’t know me and about those who do know Me but choose not to be in relationship with Me.” The longing I felt for  my family, friends and the things I loved back home, God connected to his heart for the whole world.

All of the sudden I had this distinct melody in my head and the next day I wrote the song ‘Homesick’.

God used what in the moment felt awful, to help me understand His heart for those who don’t know Him.

The song itself now has the spiritual and prophetic ability to keep relaying the truth I received as I wrestled with my emotions and Gods heart that night.

So what now? The EP is out, the band is split up all over the world and life keeps going on. We most likely will never play these songs together in person ever again. The season has come and gone. It could very well look like the end of Ransom Mystic.

We all as a school were blown away by the privilege of recording our songs with amazing gear, highly professional and skilled sound engineers, and to top it off in one of the most stunningly beautiful countries in the world. As much as this journey has changed our lives, our biggest hope is that these songs will transform the lives of countless people as they miraculously come into contact with our EP. Maybe that miracle will come in the form of someone browsing for tunes online or skimming through Noisetrade, and merely stumbling upon it. Maybe that miracle will come through someone like you who is reading this now.

You sending a friend a link to the EP, encouraging them to enjoy the free gift of having music that just might change their life.

By Hannah Brinkman

School of Music in Missions Student

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