Planning For The Unexpected – Philippines Outreach

By YWAM Newcastle on May 8, 2014 in Discipleship Training Schools, Evangelism, Outreach

Our team was on our way to do skate ministry and open air evangelism when we stopped in the middle of nowhere. Everyone on the bus but our team got out, because we assumed that we were not at the destination. It was an old basketball court with a stage. It was wet, muddy, and covered in glass. The place was deserted. The church staff we were with started praying. That was when we realised that this was the spot we were doing ministry, and after about 15 minutes people finally started showing up.

We decided we would do a skate demo despite the weather conditions threatening to destroy our boards.

There were no plans or directions within our team about what was going on,

so we just had to laugh about how unorganised and confused we all were. We shared testimonies and a message about how God’s love is relentless. We then invited anyone who needed prayer or wanted to know Jesus to come up to the front for our team to pray with them. We were expecting nothing to happen, or no one to respond because of how silly and unorganised the whole situation felt. But to our surprise, tons of people started coming up for prayer.

One of the men who came up was in his early twenties, and as he approached us, we saw that he was crying and shaking. He said he wanted to be free, that he had been an anti-christ follower. He had voices talking to him and tormenting him, so he could not sleep at night. He told us how he used to know Jesus, but since the typhoon he had turned away from Him. We lead him in prayer and he recommitted his life to Jesus. We prayed for peace and comfort, and that any spiritual stronghold would be broken. We spoke freedom over his life and his mind. Only moments ago, he had been shaking and crying in desperation.

But it was like a light switch had come on, and he was set free in Jesus.

That day, 44 other people accepted Jesus as their saviour for the first time, and 12 people who were healed.

God was able to use our team, in the midst of our unpreparedness and confusion, in mighty ways.

We were right where God wanted us, with no expectations or plans, so that He could completely lead us.

Written by Allie Bryant
Surf & Skate DTS

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