Rare But Needed Words of Kindness – Australian Outback Outreach

By YWAM Newcastle on October 15, 2013 in Discipleship Training Schools, Outreach

One of our outreach teams from the World Explorer DTS has been in Cunnamulla, a small town in the outback of Australia, with a primarily Aboriginal ancestry.

Playing basketball, soccer and water polo with the youth of this town has given us opportunities to see and speak into their lives. Every opportunity for us to speak, casually and spiritually, is so important because WORDS have power here.

What is spoken out over the lives of the children is what they then speak out over others. The cycle continues and is maintained by itself, one person fuels another. Every part of this town; the playground, the skate park and the youth centre, that are meant to be places of joy and fun for these kids are often covered with

gossip, slander, cruel, negative, hateful WORDS and lies.

And these aren’t just static words. No, they’re alive and well, living inside these kids’ hearts in the way they think about themselves and others.

Witnessing this in the way they speak to each other, we’ve been able to be both examples and sparks of new and different cycles. Seeing astounded looks on young faces while playing pool show us how rare the words were that we spoke to them. Simply saying, “Good job Janaya,” or “That was great!” as an encouragement to our teammate, who was still learning to play and thus missing a fair few shots, confused them.

That we would build her up and not ‘rip her out’ or ‘bash on her’ with WORDS was out of the ordinary.

A beautiful example of starting a new cycle of WORDS came while we were hanging out with a young girl by the swimming pool in the sun. Kaylen explained to her the cycle of words that hurt and how to start a new one. Kaylen complimented her. The girl paused, looked a bit bashful, and then with a little prompting, complimented me. I told Kaylen something encouraging. Kaylen spoke truth to her. And then she, without hesitating, said something kind to me.

Good, kind, honest, encouraging WORDS. And because they are LIFE, they caught on so quickly.

For these kids to receive the POWER of LIFE through WORDS instead of hate and hurt, more truth needs to be spoken over them, to them and by them, so that it can transform not just their speech but the WORDS written on their HEARTS.

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