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By YWAM Newcastle on January 12, 2016 in Discipleship Training Schools, Outreach

One morning as we got together as a group and prayed I had a vision of a waterfall of water flooding down onto the streets of Tamworth, and specifically the skate park. This vision seemed a little crazy at first because a few days prior another person on our team also had a vision about a waterfall. This one was filling up a maze, though we didn’t know what the maze was. Now we believe the maze was the streets of Tamworth and the city being filled up with the Holy Spirit! How incredible. Also while we prayed, I asked God for encounters while we went out into the city. Others also prayed for courage and boldness. Through this prayer time we dedicated our whole day to God, and spoke of the authority God has given us. The Holy Spirit met us in this meeting because directly after a few of us all

randomly thought of a healing at the skate park we visited the other day.

So, we left to go to the skate park. Not knowing what to expect or what God would bring to us.

At first we were just mucking around with a scooter and skateboard. But it turned out Mitchum, our team leader, kind of knew one of the guys at the skate park. The guy, Ethan, eventually came over to where we were all hanging out and was at first just chatting to Mitchum about how he really messed up his elbow last night. Mitchum took the opportunity and initiative,

he told him that we pray and we believe that God can heal him.

So, we asked if we could pray for him. And he was surprisingly excited and ready for prayer. He called over his friends and started telling them that we are going to heal his arm. But we told him that God is going to heal his arm because He loves you.

We started praying for his arm, which was a seven on the scale of one to ten for pain. While we were praying for him, his friends started to put their hands on Ethan as we were all praying. After we prayed

we asked how he was feeling and he just kept saying that he was trippin’, because his pain is at like four and it felt amazingly better!

Then one of Ethan’s friends excitedly asked if we could heal his finger because it was significantly swollen and extremely bruised. While we were praying for him he started getting teary eyed. His finger didn’t get healed while we were there with them at the skate park. However, we very much believe that God was stirring something in his heart that day.

After we prayed we got an amazing opportunity to just share bits and pieces of a few of our stories. We shared how we are all messed up people, but God met us and took our hearts the way we are and filled up that void of being lonely in our lives. The guys listened intently and were amazed about how we talked with God and knew what it was like to be in His presence.

We left that skate park super encouraged by the grace of God, because there was five youths this day that got their hearts stirred up and their minds starting to question who exactly is God. God moved today and our team is grateful and thankful that the Holy Spirit is actually flooding this city.

By MiCaela Davis

YWAM Trailblazers DTS Student,

Tamworth, Australia Outreach

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