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By YWAM Newcastle on June 11, 2016 in Discipleship Training Schools, Outreach

Our team was privileged to be a part of a two-week tour of villages located in the highlands of Papua New Guinea in a district called Bulolo. We arrived in one small village, with no idea where we would be staying or what our ministry would look like. While we waited for our leader to return, we were able to help another team of missionaries from Australia by taking care of the local children and playing games with them. This enabled the women to turn all their attention to the pastor and the message he was teaching, without being distracted by their kids. A few hours later God provided a home for us to stay at within the village. A family had been blessed with a large home and when they heard of our arrival offered us their extra rooms. What a huge blessing! The house was located on the top of a hill about a 15 minutes hike from the main village center. A local elderly woman who had been experiencing pain in her back heard we were staying there, and,

believing Jesus could heal her, hiked all the way from her home to ask us for prayer.

We were able to pray with her, not only for her back pain, but also for the cataracts in her eyes, and saw Jesus fully heal her! This woman had the faith to seek us out, seek Jesus, knowing He was The Great Healer. 

by Mikael Kolozsy
YWAM Surf & Skate DTS student

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