Why I Gave Up The Chance To Earn $100k To Join Missions

By YWAM Newcastle on August 1, 2018 in Fundraising, Staff Blog

There I sat on a beach, staring at a crossroad; this decision would shape my future and impact others. I remember thinking, “Do I go back to what I know?” It was a good life; it was familiar, safe and comfortable.

But, there was also missions. Parts of it sounded cool: telling people about Jesus, travelling, helping others and seeing God restore lives.

Those things are awesome but I knew what it meant: leaving my family, my best friends, my home, everything I had ever known; it would mean giving up the future I had planned. The hardest hit was the money or lack thereof; I would not be paid each week, in fact, I would actually have to pay to help other people, covering my own food, accommodation and living expenses.

God opening up doors after I finished my Discipleship Training School to work the same job, however now earning over $100,000 a year. So, I thought to myself, “Why go and do something that pays nothing and costs me a lot?”

In this blog I want to focus on money and why it keeps so many people out of missions, especially men.

With money comes a power over our lives, it gives us the control to do what we want. Having money means we can go on amazing holidays, drive a sports car and own nice things.

Money had a hold on me; I desired what it would give me and feared what losing it would mean.

There is so much more to life than earning lots of money, trust me on this. I went from a place of abundance to relying on the generosity of others so that I can make ends meet. It is only now that I realise just how much it controlled me and dominated the way I lived my life, and how much fear I held over losing what money gave me.

The surprising thing is that since I began serving through missions two years ago, all my needs have been not just met but God has provided for me exceedingly.

I have travelled to 5 countries and will soon lead a missions trip to another two. Every bill has been paid and I have been able to bless other people. Yes, it’s hard, it’s always going to be easier to work a normal job and get paid a set wage. However, I have learnt and grown so much during this time, seeing and experiencing things that would not have been possible had I chosen differently. I know that my life is making a difference.

I don’t want people to feel like I’m condemning them or how they live their lives, we are all called to a different area of society. In fact, we need people in all spheres, in all areas making a difference in the world. In part, it is because others work hard that so many of us can live out our call to missions.

Please don’t let money be an excuse to not do something in life. Don’t make the mistake I made, rather learn from me and don’t let money decide for you.

For so much of my life, money dictated what I did, but it didn’t that day on the beach and it will never again because I’ve found something that means more to me than money.

Missions has not been easy, it has involved a sacrifice – I have paid a price for the life I now live, but I have gained so much more, the price repaid over and over again, it has been so worth it. I can look back and see lives that have been impacted, changed for the better. If I ever think back to the day on the beach each time I rise with the same decision.

By Robert Eaves
July Classic DTS Staff

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