The Day I Arrived For My YWAM DTS

By YWAM Newcastle on July 2, 2015 in Discipleship Training Schools, My YWAM Blog, Training

I still remember my first, hesitant steps through the glass doors of the fire engine red Youth With A Mission building.

I had arrived to do a Discipleship Training School and now that I was here, I wondered what I’d really gotten myself into.

The crazed butterflies that fluttered in the pit of my stomach were relentless as I took my first steps into the unknown. How was it possible to be so excited yet simultaneously so nervous? This is what I wanted after all; a new start, an escape, and a new discovery of who I really was in God.  Despite the adrenaline that was pulsing through my body, I felt homesick and overwhelmed.

Fortunately, this didn’t last long. Five minutes in this place introduced a cure that had kick-started a welcomed acceptance. People, aware of the my nerves, wanted to help me with my luggage and ease me into my new surroundings gently.  I met foreign faces that greeted me with a warmth,

similar to the satisfying first bite of a freshly baked brownie oozing with chocolaty goodness.

As the day passed on, I began feeling more comfortable meeting my fellow classmates and school staff. I didn’t think it could happen so fast! When we located our rooms, we unpacked our bags and met our roommates as they filtered in throughout the day. We were encouraged to contact our families, especially those who had traveled long distances, to ensure they knew we had arrived safely and to ease our first day jitters.

When we met for dinner that night, we gathered together, like one massive family. Engaging in conversations with people from a variety of nations was a new experience for me. I watched the beginning of potential friendships forming firm foundations for what was to come.

I looked around and realised I wasn’t alone in this next adventure.

Regardless of where we were from, we were all here for similar reasons.  We wanted to encounter God and experience missions in a real way.  We wanted to discover our purpose and travel cross-culturally.  We weren’t totally sure what to expect but we knew we were all in this together.

Whether you’re crossing oceans to get here, or just a few streets away, your arrival at YWAM Newcastle will be one that welcomes you into a community that creates a little piece of an Australian home for you.

Samantha Kemp
July 2013 DTS Student & Current Staff

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