Let’s co-create with our Creator!

What does it really mean to be a godly artist and how do we use what’s in our hands to transform the world around us? The Art Evangelists School (AES) is designed for those who love God and enjoy being creative, no matter your level of skill.

God has a restorative plan for beauty. The AES aims for you to see the world through God’s eyes, helping you to develop your technical abilities, character, relationship with God and the outworking of your faith through evangelism. We study a range of visual art skills that are helpful in various cross-cultural ministry settings.

Through knowing our Creator more, we are able to more accurately and effectively communicate who He is to the nations; we uncover what that looks like for us as Godly artists and how to reflect it in our work.

The twelve-week lecture phase will consist of different topics for you to become someone who creates from the beauty and life that’s inside of them. Our aim is to grow you in skill through weekly sketches, projects and individual practice times. You will also learn to use your gift in a practical way to bless and reach those around you, and will be given space to use art in evangelism, engaging with and loving on our city here in Newcastle!

Some topics covered include:-
  • Nature & Character of God, the Artist
  • Drawing
  • Heart Purity of the Artist
  • Painting
  • Holy Spirit in the Design Process
  • Biblial Worldview of the Arts
Who will benefit from the Art Evangelists School?
  • Current YWAM staff who are wanting to grow their art skills for ministry.
  • Students completing their Bachelor of Arts Degree with the University of the Nations.
  • All those who want further equipping and understanding of using arts and creativity for their calling.

This school may benefit those currently in or out of missions, who want to see God use creativity in their own lives and ministry. You don’t need to be highly skilled to be a part of this school; if you enjoy being creative and are willing to be taught by God, we want to welcome you!

Outreach is a fantastic platform to immediately put into practice what you have learnt!

Your art has the ability to go beyond culture and language, reaching straight to the heart. Outreach provides the opportunity to partner with God to communicate His truth and love to the nations through the building of community relationships, collaborating with churches and ministries, using therapeutic art, teaching and empowering others to use art themselves, by giving away art and painting murals. There are honestly so many possibilities!


Lecture Phase:

$4,300 AUD


$3,500 – $5,500 AUD


Start – Finish

5th July 2019 – 7th December 2019