Join us for the Refugee Response Discipleship Training School (DTS)!

This 6-month course is a full-time, unique, live/learn community experience. It consists of two parts: lecture phase and outreach phase. The lecture phase will offer you a time of deep revelation as well as liberating personal application. Encounter God like never before as you hear from seasoned speakers who live out the principles they teach. The outreach phase will take you to places you have only dreamed about as you take the Gospel into the nations! Grow in confidence as you share your testimony from small to large groups in cross-cultural settings.

Get hands-on experience in the thriving ministry of Youth Street. Develop your skills in reaching Australian young people, mentor Christians from various walks and be amazed at how deeply you can connect with young locals in just 12 weeks.

Example core curriculum topics include:
  • Hearing God’s Voice
  • Character & Nature of God
  • Building and Maintaining Godly Relationships
  • Fatherheart of God

According to the UNHCR, there are 22.5 million refugees worldwide. Twenty-two million people who have been forcibly displaced from their neighbourhoods, communities, familiarities and comforts – often carrying emotional trauma that is far heavier than the bags on their backs. What do these people need? How should we respond to them?

We have a unique and incredible opportunity, right now in history, to respond to the stranger, foreigner and refugee the way Jesus would have us do. Will we welcome him in, offer him water and give him rest from his troubles? Or will we hide and shun that which we we do not understand? Is this man, woman or child created in the same image of God as we are? Do they have a greater or lesser value than ourselves?

On the Refugee DTS, you will gain a greater perspective of your neighbour. From workshops to films, practical serving and community engagement to input from experienced missionaries and aid workers, expect to have your mind and heart challenged and be moved to respond.

Example Refugee Response features include:
  • Addressing topics such as worldview, world religions, trauma and cross-cultural communication.
  • Cultural celebration through events and hospitality.
  • Input from global refugee aid workers.
  • Engagement with refugees in both local and global communities.

You will embark on a cross-cultural adventure of a lifetime! Be a part of using your passions to break through barriers of age, language, culture and religion. As a result see doors open for the gospel to go into the nations.

We are currently living in a time where the “Go into all of the world” part of the Great Commission can actually mean, “Go into your hometown, your neighbourhood or even next door” and meet the nations of the Earth. Nations that have become more and more difficult to reach are literally showing up at the doorstep of our countries, and we have a unique opportunity to extend a loving hand and offer the light of truth to them in their desperate situations. We have decided to respond to the massive floodgates of refugees making their way into Europe by the thousands, who are in search of asylum and looking for hope. We know God is raising up workers for this great harvest, and believe he has called us to such a time as this.

Each DTS sends teams to unique locations. Here are a few places we have gone:

Greece, Sweden, Germany, England, Papua New Guinea, Philippines and Australia.


Lecture Phase:

$4,200 AUD

Outreach Phase:

approximately $3,500-$5,500 AUD


Start – Finish

9th April 2018 – 15th September 2018

8th April 2019 – 14th September 2019

6th April 2020 – 12th September 2020

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