Some of the most out of the box thinking in youth ministry world wide.

We live in the most fast paced global youth generation ever; a generation that is being lead by social networking and the media. Millions of young people around the world are coming to know Jesus and are desperate for to find their place. Will you be a leader that champions young people further into their identity and purpose?

The SOIYM is here to equip you to do this. You will dive into modern youth culture to see what makes it tick. This course will develop you as a leader and show you key ways to innovate and lead in a culture that tends to follow. Not only will you be given the tools but you will also get hands on practical experience in our thriving youth ministry called Youth Street. So the big question really is…will you lead now?

‘Will you #leadnow’?

*This school first requires the successful completion of a Discipleship Training School. Check out what amazing DTS’s we have on offer this year by CLICKING HERE!

Some topics covered include:-

Youth Culture – Historical & Post Modernity

To enable students to have an understanding of the origins of post modern and popular culture. To train students to be able to articulate a 500 year history, where we have come from – the generations etc.

Social Media /Trends /Church Expressions

To give the students a clear understanding of the drivers of popular culture including social media, instant messaging and print media, along with a clear understanding and ability to recall examples of globalised MTV culture within non western contexts ie Japan.

Principles & Models of Innovation

Students understand the core elements of what causes innovation to take place (including research, hearing God’s voice etc) and are able to see how they can apply these principles to youth ministry.

Dreaming With God / Project Planning

Identify God’s capacity to create substance from nothing and to develop the skills to create innovative forms of youth ministry.

Multipliable Systems

Understand God’s passion for multiplication, ability to define the key ingredients of a successful multipliable prototype. Understand the key drivers of a multipliable system and comprehend the distinctions between a formula and a spiritual prototype.



Lecture Phase:

$3,950 AUD


Start – Finish

8th October 2018 – 22nd December 2018