Shift: Biblical Worldview for Global Influence

God taught Moses so he could “teach the world how to live.”

A worldview is the underpinning ideology of an individual, nation or society; the key to bringing positive change. This school will teach you to identify, assess and develop ideas that shape worldview from all around the world.

The aim of this school is to fuse together biblical principles with the world issues, and to inspire and equip you to take this knowledge into the nations. It gives you a platform to see all the spheres of society through Gods eyes and the authority to make a change.

Having God and The Word as the perfect standard by which we shape beliefs and ideas is an invaluable life skill; the Shift Worldview School is 3 months devoted to seeking Gods heart and mind for the world resulting in a life long investment for global influence.

Some topics covered include:

    • Introduction to Worldview
    • Cultural Guardians
    • Spheres and Domains
    • Implication of the Character and Nature of God
    • History of Ideas/Post Modernity
    • Comparative Worldview
    • Drugs and Society
    • Practical Project
    • Stoicheia/Big Data
    • Arts and Literature
    • Science and Missions
    • Physiology of Adolescents
    Speakers on the school are:
    Bill Muehlenberg
    Larry Bladock
    Rebecca Koenig
    Ed Sherman
    David Stephenson
    Joseph Avakian
    Frank Stootman
    Fono Fepuleai
    Derek Chene
    and more…

    This course is also known as – Humanities and Science: A Christian Perspective


    Lecture Phase:

    $3,950 AUD


    Start – Finish

    Next School is to be determined. Please contact us if you are interested.