Staff Training Seminars


Through this 2-week course we seek to develop and empower staff to better equip them to work more effectively in a full time ministry context. Specifically designed with interactive workshop style sessions that impart YWAM Newcastle’s values, history and foundational biblical principles.

Some topics covered include:-

Student to staff – The Transition

To clearly identify what it means to no longer be a student and how to make the decision to transition into the new “staff” season.


To introduce the trainee to a fuller understanding of the importance of mentoring within a full-time ministry context.

Work Ethic

To educate the trainee about what “work ethic” is and how it can affect your core values.

Support Raising

To give the trainee a broad view of both biblical and historical principles of Support Raising.

Provisional Staff

During the provisional staff period the new staff members work in two different departments to expose them to different aspects of the ministry. At the end of the 3-month provisional period the new staff are then moved into new full time role.

Other Training

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