Treasure Hunting in Argentina – Compassion DTS Outreach

By YWAM Newcastle on January 21, 2014 in Discipleship Training Schools, Evangelism, Outreach

On Tuesday, half of our team headed out for street evangelism in downtown Puerto Madryn, where we decided to approach evangelism as an ultimate treasure hunt.

Basically how it goes is we pray and listen to God for specific places, names, appearances, things out of the ordinary and prayer points. We then go and search for the people (treasures) that God had told us about.

God gave me a vision of a landmark by the beach and purple shoes

during our time of prayer. After being rejected by a lot of people we had approached we were slightly discouraged. But we continued to press in with prayer; we believed that God had bigger things in store for us.

As we walked, I noticed an older couple sitting on a bench near a large statue, and

I noticed that the woman was wearing purple shoes!

I grabbed the team and we rushed to their side. I began to explain what God had spoken to me about her shoes and finding the owner of them. As they listened, God guided me in ministering His truth and healing into their lives.

I was able to to share the Gospel with them and lead them to Salvation.

God is so good: He was in our conversations, He was in our midst!

What stood out to me was the small step of obedience it took. I’m learning how much power there is in prayer. It’s been so amazing to see how God works through us when we’re obedient.

Thank you for keeping #TeamVida and Argentina in your prayers!!

Written by Alyssa Hudluman
Compassion DTS Student