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By YWAM Newcastle on February 8, 2018 in Discipleship Training Schools, Outreach

“I’m not leaving!” shouted Jason* excitedly. His face was filled with joy. He went on to explain that, as he was packing to leave early from camp, he had a sudden change of heart brought on by his thoughts of the love and friendship shown to him by his camp leaders and new friends.

Jason had come to the Scripture Union Chaffey Water Sports Camp reluctantly. His disability and unhappy family background had combined to make socialising difficult for him.

He was sullen, unhappy and hated being in a crowd. He avoided relating to anyone, even his peers.

Also, he wasn’t sure about all this “God stuff” that was being talked about during the daily sessions.

By day two both Jason and his cousin, who was also in his teens, had decided to go home. They both had had enough.

Kenny and Christian, YWAM DTS Students, who were Jason’s camp leaders began to pray, asking God desperately to move in both boys. Somehow, Jason decided that both he and his cousin would stay on for one more night.

The next morning started well for the two cousins. Water sport activities were fun, until a mishap occurred, leading to an angry outburst from Jason.

They packed their bags and phoned for Jason’s dad to come and get them.

Again, Kenny and Christian prayed fervently. As Jason’s cousin was putting his pack into Dad’s car, Jason arrived to say that again, he had inexplicably changed his mind.

What had changed his mind this time? It was Kenny’s friendship and overall attitude to life. You see, both Jason and Kenny have the same syndrome, Tourette’s. Whereas this syndrome had made Jason feel awkward and a social misfit, Kenny was full of life, enthusiasm and had a love for God. Tourette’s was no hindrance in his life. God had used this mutual circumstance as a way to bring a unique and special bond and understanding between these two.

Jason decided that he wanted to live a free life without fear and so he was not leaving. He would stay and hang around with Kenny for the rest of the camp. God was calling on his heart.

From that moment on, things changed dramatically for Jason. He opened up to God and enthusiastically joined in the group activities and public worship. He began talking to other young people and having a good time with them.

On Friday, the last night of the camp, Jason accepted Christ as his Saviour!

by Frank Kurylowicz
YWAM All Generations DTS student

*Name changed for privacy

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