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By YWAM Newcastle on March 9, 2016 in Discipleship Training Schools, Outreach

For the past two weeks, my team and I have had the opportunity to love on orphans. God has given us grace and strength to be His loving hands and feet in ways that we never could have expected.

One day, as I was playing with a rambunctious little boy, he showed me a gash on his leg. The gash wasn’t like the little scrapes I would get as a kid; it was the size of a large coin, swollen, black, bleeding, and exploding with puss. Horrified, I whipped out my team’s first aid kit to simply clean and bandaged the wound. Within minutes, a crowd of children with infected wounds gathered around and asked for bandages.

My heart broke when I realised the reality of their living conditions.

In the past few years, the church we were partnering with had stopped receiving most of the funding for the orphans, but decided to keep running the orphanage so the kids wouldn’t have to live on the street. Anything the orphans ate was paid for out of the pastor’s pocket, which is not a lot to begin with.

They provided necessities for the children, but this was not enough for a basic first aid kit or even soap.

I talked to my team members about the dilemma and we started to dream. We compiled the remainder of our spending money and realised that God could use it for something greater than more scarf souvenirs for ourselves. God put it on all of our hearts to go to a local medical supplies shop and buy an excessive amount of soap, hydrogen peroxide, polysporin and many types of bandages. We also taught them how to use all the materials and basically had a mini biology lesson of how to protect their bodies from germs. After the class, we appointed five “student nurses” who were the only ones allowed to treat the wounds. We called up the student nurses and had one-on-one practical training of how to simply clean and dress a wound for their classmates.

As I looked around the room while my teammates and I were training student nurses, my heart was so overwhelmed with praise for God’s goodness. He specifically called every member on my team to be at that specific orphanage so that the children could be taken care of and loved. He brought together a bunch of people who had first aid training so we could practically help His children with their physical needs.

I used to ask God why He didn’t immediately end sickness and poverty in the world

because He is all-powerful and loves all people. When I asked him that question recently, He made it clear to me that He did do something. He choose to empower His children to take care of the sick and broken. He created His children with talents and calls us to do things with Him so everyone can see His power that is revealed through our weaknesses.

And the crazy thing is, once our eyes are off of ourselves, we receive freedom. When our eyes are on Jesus, everything starts to fall into place; we become the most accurate and passionate version of ourselves and other people start to get healed physically and emotionally.

by Alexandra Wiebe

Compassion DTS Student

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