Why We Walked 30 Kilometers – YWAM DTS Outreach

By YWAM Newcastle on February 2, 2016 in Discipleship Training Schools, Outreach

The first full day of ministry in Hong Kong came with anticipation and excitement for our team. Although still tired from our travels we decided we’d

spend our morning going on a hike

with recovering drug addicts. Little did we know the “easy” hike we agreed upon would be our first test of our endurance, love and patience as a team.

As we walked with the men and began to swap names and interact with them we were all pretty optimistic for what the Lord had in store for us. The hike turned out to be a few hours more then we anticipated. Every step we took toward the unknown became a challenge of personal endurance. The beauty that lied at the end was worth it though. As we broke bread with our new friends by the South China Sea, God had already began to move in the hearts of the men. One of our teammates shared his testimony and afterwards we were able to pray as a whole group for two men who were about to go home from the program. In that moment the thought of,

“This is why we are here,”

rang through many of our minds as we prayed blessing and protection over them. Here we found ourselves in a secret and beautiful place, being used by God to love on men whose pasts were filled with addiction and yet, through Gods grace and mercy were being offered a chance at redemption. At the end of the day

we had walked 30km with these men,

eaten with them, persevered through tired feet and thirsty lungs. Watched the eagles fly above us and the pretty blue water bask in the sunlight. I remember at one point thinking, “This is what practical serving looks like.” Investing in others, sharing memories, and simply meeting people where they are in life and loving them as Jesus did.

Yes, our day did not turn out as our team planned. No one expected we would be walking all day up and down and through a reservoir in Hong Kong. But Jesus reminded me that that is the lengths He goes to save just one of His children. The question He had for me that day was, “How far are you willing to go for me?” As we said our goodbyes one man told us,

“We will never forget you guys.”

By, Sarah Williams

YWAM Compassion DTS Student

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