World Explorers Share the Gospel in South East Asia

By YWAM Newcastle on November 13, 2013 in Discipleship Training Schools, Outreach

The latest testimony from one of our World Explorer DTS outreach teams currently in South East Asia.

Deano and I sat on the paved sidewalk on a piece of cardboard and ate the local cuisine. The university student and her friends Tom and Lynn had driven us through the crazy traffic, dodging cars and motorbikes to bring us to this local hangout. Across the bustling street was a small park packed with students relaxing and to our right sat an old cathedral turned tourist attraction. The old place of worship was key because it helped us bring up God with people who spoke another language, had another culture and live in a closed country where religion is uncommon and sharing your faith even more so.

I listen to Anne’s understanding Of Christianity while Deano engaged Tom, who was studying to be a doctor and Lynn, a catholic. A street vendor’s child was playing on the broken sidewalk and I used the child as an example as she ran back to her mother’s arms when she called to her.

Anne got to hear the gospel and how she was welcomed back into God’s arms.

But her family isn’t Christian and she feared the repercussions from stepping away from their traditional beliefs. I shared with her about how the child depended in the parent for life and protection and how God offers that to us.

God used Deano to encourage Lynn to pray and seek Him whenever she wanted because He is always there to listen to her. For Deano and I, it was the best night in this closed country because in those moments we were hearing what God wanted to say to our friends, obeying Him and sharing hope. As we listened to God, the different language and culture faded away because God knew what needed to be spoken to affect the hearts of our friends. That’s because God is a multicultural God! He is the God who created all nations, died for all nations and wants to restore all nations.

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