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*Please note that donations made to our staff & students are not tax deductible.

To make a deposit directly into our bank account, please use the details below. For every payment please clearly state who the money is for, as well as contacting our accounts department to let them know.

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*Please note that donations made to our staff & students are not tax deductible.

Commonwealth Bank of Australia

Commonwealth Bank
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General, School & Building Accounts

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06 2815

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2801 6362

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062 814

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1032 3113

*Please note that donations made to our staff & students are not tax deductible.

If you are sending money to us please make the Australian money order made out to, YWAM Newcastle

Otherwise if you are sending money to an individual YWAMer (staff or student) please make the Australian money order made out to the individual.

*Please note that donations made to our staff & students are not tax deductible.

Our Mailing Address:


YWAM Newcastle (or individual’s name)
PO Box 162
The Junction, NSW 2291


1. Missions

There is a wide variety of Short term Missions Outreach on offer that give our staff and students a cross-cultural experience and an opportunity to “make God known” impacting the nations.

2. Youth Street

The dynamic youth community, Youth Street focuses primarily on the unchurched youth of a city, offering a variety of programs while giving them a sense of belonging. The birth of Youth Street was here, in Newcastle. It has since multiplied to Townsville, Melbourne, Sydney, Darwin and Mexico.

3. Volunteer and Staff

Our fiercely Committed Volunteer Full-time Staff personally rely on relationship-based support. This enables our staff to continue sowing and focusing their life into reaching and discipling the people they’re called to.

4. Urban Campus Development

Our Urban Campus Development is becoming a training, evangelism, and mercy ministries hub before our eyes. This includes an on-site café and skateboard zone open to the public for developing community life run by our staff and students as well as a vibrant training centre for 1st and 2nd level schools that we run.

5. Training

We are dedicated to providing excellent Christian Training Programs on a foundational level with the Discipleship Training Schools as well as specialized training in our 2nd level schools.

6. Scholarships

We would like to offer Scholarships for Overseas Students from developing countries so that they receive the same quality and transformational training as other students from western nations.

As staff members and students of YWAM Newcastle each one of us has dedicated our lives to Jesus and to what He has called us to do. As full-time missionaries we are completely non-profit and receive no remuneration for the work that we do, but, like everyone, we have monetary needs. This opens up a value of including partners who love to contribute and partner with us in ministry.
We at YWAM Newcastle believe in team and recognize that fulfillment of the Great Commission will be accomplished not only by those that ‘go’ but also those who give, pray and send. This is a powerful relationship.