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You were made for this

Know God & Make God Known

What if what you suspected was true? That you were made for something else – for something more. Made to go, to grow, to create and discover. Made to leap into a story far bigger than your own. To run and keep running, to dive in, to love and return made new.
What if you followed that impulse? What would it be like to go beneath the surface of things and discover the greater reality? To discover God. To see where he takes you and who he makes you. To be stretched, challenged, changed and equipped to make a lasting difference in the world.

This is the YWAM journey. And wherever it takes you – into unchartered foreign territories or to the yearning mission fields of home – you will be transformed, an enriched and emboldened ambassador of the enduring love of Christ.

“The things I learned during DTS were life changing! I learned more about who God really is and His plan for the world than I ever thought I would. DTS was more then just a great 6 month experience, it set me up for life.” – Ethan Landers

“I did a DTS because I wanted to find purpose and know God’s will for my life. Over the next 6 months I realized that I’m not the main character in the story of my life, but I’m part of a greater story! God welcomed me into His family and I’ve been in missions since!” – Jordan Prokopetz

“Being part of YWAM has consistently pushed me outside of my comfort zone, but in doing so, pushed me into the comfort of my Father.” – Reilly Drye

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hearing God's voice
Feb 27, 2020

How I Grew In Hearing God’s Voice

God loves His children so much- He communicates with us. As any good Father would, He wants to remind us of truth, of our identity, and speak hope over our situations. Hearing God’s voice can come with challenges at the beginning but His word will never contradict itself and will always be confirmed by the Bible!