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Knowing GOD & Making Him Known.
Are you hungry for real, gritty, noticeable change? Do you desire to know what God has for your future? Then the Discipleship Training School (DTS) is for you.

DTS is a 6-month journey, a unique live/learn community experience. There will be endless opportunities for you to know God on a deeper level. It will be a platform for you to make God Known in mind-blowing ways.

An internationally recognized curriculum will have you learning from experienced speakers who have lived out the principles they teach. The first 3 months of DTS will offer you a time of deep revelation as well as liberating personal application. Then Outreach will take you to the places you have only ever dreamed about! Grow in confidence as you share your testimony to large audiences. Whether, you are called to long-term or short-term missions, the benefit of going to a cross-cultural location and seeing the needs of that location and then being part of the solution, is life changing!

The location of your training can be very important. YWAM Centres can vary in many different ways, but our values always remain the same. YWAM Newcastle is an Australian centre known for dynamic community, belief in and development of emerging leaders, persistent pursuit of people and passionate worship. A place filled with life, life, life!

Become A Specialist

During DTS you find out that there are so many opportunities out there for you! That God wants to partner with you! That He sees that you have an important role in furthering the kingdom of God.

God uses 2nd level schools as a way to equip you with the skills, knowledge & values required to follow the His calling that is uniquely on your life. These schools are also designed with a live-learn philosophy to develop you to impact the arenas of government, media, education, family, and much more.

YWAM has a vast number of 2nd level schools globally that are Biblically based and offer expert, professional teaching that helps you develop to serve God more effectively in fulfilling the Great Commission. Schools offered include School of Communication Foundations, School of Innovative Youth Ministry.

This is what people are saying about our post DTS training:

“ My 2nd level school gave me a lot of opportunities to grow in leadership, teamwork and planning ministry and evangelism strategies to reach different spheres of society. I also gained invaluable insight about forming an ethic of ministry that helped prepare me for a lifetime in missions rather than just a short burst. Without doing a 2nd level school I think a lot of what I learned on DTS would have become just a pile of lecture notes rather than sinking in and becoming part of the core values that affect my day-to-day life.”
Holly Lewis, USA

“After doing my DTS I did a 2nd level school. I found the DTS gave me the foundation for a relationship with God and following Him in my life and the 2nd level school gave me the hands on skills for a life in Christian ministry. The things I learnt on my 2nd level school have given me the substance to keep persisting in living my life for God while serving Him in a full time ministry context.”
Sam Street, Australia

What countries do your students come from?

Our DTS students have come from a large range of countries across the world including USA, Canada, Australia, the UK, Switzerland, Norway, Sweden, The Netherlands, Germany, France, New Zealand, South Korea, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Fiji, Samoa and South Africa.

What are the entry requirements?

Applicants should be a minimum of 17 years old at commencement of course and are generally required to be at least turning 18 during the course. As this course is designed to train Christians, a general entry requirement is a genuine commitment to Jesus Christ and the Christian faith. Successful completion of the Australian Year 10 Certificate (or equivalent) and a sufficient standard of oral and written English proficiency is needed in order to benefit from the training. DTS is a pre-requisite course to other YWAM courses.

Can I get Centrelink while doing a DTS?

DTS is a Centrelink approved course. If you are an Australian you may be eligible for financial assistance from Centrelink. Information about Youth Allowance, Austudy, Abstudy and other payments are available on their website at centrelink.gov.au

Is there a discount available for my nation?

There are discounts available depending on the country that you are from based on an ABC category developed by the University of the Nations. Note that discounts only apply to the lecture phase of the school and does not include the cost of flying/driving here, transport, outreach fees. The lecture fees cover food, water, accommodation, internet, transport for school related activities, and basic resources for note-taking.

Example Lecture Fee Costs After Discount:

A – AUD$4200
B – AUD$3050
C – AUD$2050

A resource fee of AUD $200 will apply to the January Sports and January Summer Classic Electives. Please contact us for exact discounts and for info on your country.

Youth Street - How are DTS students involved?

YWAM Newcastle’s Discipleship Training Schools have a unique opportunity to be apart of our Youth Street ministry while still on your DTS! Youth Street happens every Saturday (usually Sunday and Mondays are our days off), first with Youth Street Teams (e.g. Skate, Surf, Dance, Sport, etc) and then with Youth Street Live. DTS students join with staff in staffing these teams. Check out the Ministry page for more information about this awesome opportunity to change the lives of Newcastle youth.

What do lectures look like?

Most weeks the lectures are held in a classroom setting in the mornings with occasional night sessions. The afternoons are spent doing work duties as well has some time for personal time. Other required sessions during the week include worship, intercession, practical evangelism opportunities & Youth Street.

What should I pack?

You will need a notebook, pen, Bible, clothes, single bed bedding (sheets, pillow & sleeping bag), and it would be handy to have a backpackers backpack. When you are accepted on the DTS we will provide you with a full “what to bring” list.

What happens for housing?

All YWAM students live in shared YWAM housing with staff. Accommodation and food are provided as part of school fees. Unless otherwise specified, you will be living in Lewis House that accommodates an average of 70 plus people.

For further information about our facilities please see the Course Information Handbook.

Where are we going on outreach?

In recent years we have sent teams to locations including Nepal, South Africa, Papua New Guinea, Fiji, Vanuatu, Indonesia, New Zealand, Middle East, Mexico, Uganda, Mozambique, Egypt, Japan, Samoa and Thailand. Many exciting opportunities come up, from within Australia to the other side of the world. The possibilities are endless! You never really know where you might end up.

Am I too old for DTS?

No! DTS is available to a broad range of ages! Most commonly our students are between the ages of 17-35 years old. But don’t let that stop you! All ages are welcome. Take a look at our all ages DTS’, for example the All Generations DTS.

Unique Passionate Christian Living!

YWAM Newcastle offers a fresh approach in experiential Christian Living. Worship, meal times and even dishes create unique experiences and opportunities to log memories of committed friends rushing along together in unreserved pursuit of God.

Persistent Pursuit of People

We find that introducing people to the character of our loving Father is one of the most dignifying exchanges we can have with anyone. Assisting people in their search for God is not hard, when it’s within a team connecting in an exciting way that leaves people feeling strengthened and respected.

Close enough to visit Sydney for the Day!

With Newcastle being only 2 hours north of Sydney, it is easy to jump on a train and get photos of yourself on the steps of the famous Sydney Opera House, or go and visit Hillsong Church for one of their many Sunday Services.

Transformational Community

Lewis House Hostel offers a rare opportunity of living side-by-side people, who have the same passions and desires to live hard out for God. Living under the same roof – dynamic, live-learn community at the highest level!

Friends that last a lifetime

Living in a community like this you end up with not just acquaintances but can find friends that last a lifetime.

Unique opportunity to be an active part of an International Youth Community

Active involvement with the pumping innovative youth community, Youth Street. This provides hands on experience each Saturday, as a staff member of Youth Street, working face to face with young people from all over the wider city of Newcastle. Develop your skills in reaching unchurched youth, and mentoring people from various walks of life.

Benefit from 18yrs plus experience in Training

YWAM Newcastle has been offering a variety of training opportunities since 1992.

Best of both Worlds – Coastal Urban Life or Scenic Rural Community

You will be only a 10-minute drive from the Inner City Coastal Hub of the Newcastle CBD. This gives you access to some of the best beaches Australia has to offer and streets lined with funky coffee shops, just waiting for you to hang out with your friends.

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