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You were made for this

How God Calls Me to Live – Andrew Carribine

In this episode, our guest speaker shares with us a simple tool to live the life God is calling you to.


Understanding Culture – Heather Kuhl

In this episode, Our guest speaker shares with us 5 keys to grow our Cultural Intelligence. Such an important topic to understand because if you want to be effective in reaching people for God you need good Cultural Intelligence.


Power of Prayer – Peter Warren

What does prayer look like in your life right now? Is prayer a part of your lifestyle or does it just fill 5 mins before you fall asleep? Do you pray big bold prayers or limit what could happen? Prayer is a moment of untold potential before your loving Heavenly Father. In this episode, our guest speaker takes a deeper look into the Biblical perspective on understanding the Power of Prayer.


Sustaining Your Faith – David Stephenson

Our speaker David shares some of the key principles to sustaining a relationship with God long-term. One of them is “To keep going with God we need to Keep Growing with God”. So let’s dive in and learn about Sustaining our Faith.


Biblical Worldview – Amelia Taylor

Everyone has a Worldview – what’s yours? Are you aware of the way you see the world and where that comes from? Listen to this amazing episode from our guest speaker Amelia Taylor on Biblical Worldview.


Fear of the Lord – Sarah McCutcheon

In this episode, our guest speaker takes a deeper look into the Biblical perspective on the ‘Fear of the Lord’. ⁠There is a big difference between ‘being afraid’ and ‘fearing God.’ If you have ever struggled to understand what the Fear of the Lord means for our practical everyday life – this podcast is for you.

Discover how the Fear of the Lord is an awareness of God’s life-transforming presence and what it means to engage with His heart.


Ways To Recognise God’s Voice – Michael Cooke

God loves to communicate with us. From the prophets of the old testament to the red letters of Jesus in the New Testament. Angels or dreams, your conscience, or maybe even a donkey. He does that to build our relationship.


Trusting God’s Faithfulness – Pablo Nunez

In this week’s episode, our speaker Pablo shares an incredible story from his time on the mission field. He talks to us about Trusting God’s Faithfulness. A big part of any relationship is trust. So let’s dive in and learn about God’s faithfulness to us.


How To Worship – Chris Adams

Worship is a response to the now presence of God. It’s a special moment. In this episode Chris explains true worship and how to take your worship to another level in experiencing the presence of God.


Interacting With Your Bible – Cliff Reiner

The Bible is always meant to lead us to Jesus. In this episode Cliff gives practical tips for how to read the Bible for life transformation. Rediscover your Bible as an important key in getting to know God better.


Intimacy With God – Josh Cole

Intimacy is being in close relationship. In this episode Josh explains how to have an authentic lifelong connection with God.

Jesus – our example, desired intimacy and a closeness with God the Father. It was this very intimacy that would guide him, encourage him, and strengthen him to complete his mission here on earth. What does this look like for us today?


Who Is God? – Bruce Skinner

In this episode Bruce unpacks the characteristics and motivations of God. God wants us to know Him and desires a personal relationship. It is up to you to decide. How will you respond to the personal invitation of God?