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Many of us all over the world are in lockdown, self-isolation, or working from home. It can feel like so many things have changed but one thing remains:

We know a missional God whose unfailing reaches out to individuals. God has things on His heart for this season and we can ask God for His heart.

Check out these 5 ways you can engage in the needs of others in a missional way without leaving your couch…


1. Prayer & Intercession 

Now is as good a time as any to stand in the gap and intercede for a country, nation or people group. The terrible stats we are seeing daily in Spain and Italy moves our hearts in pain and we can cry out to God on their behalf. We know a loving God who responds to praying people! His mercy is never-ending and his comfort is supreme. Why not dedicate 15 minutes a day to prayer on behalf of others?

2. Share on Social Media

A lot of us are using some kind of social media platform and whilst it’s fun to share about workouts, movies and random stuff we get up to being at home, there is so much more! Pray about how you can share a simple testimony, prayer, or devotional to your followers. Be sincere and be yourself, but allow God to raise your voice. This is a time for others to see how your relationship with Jesus is leading you personally through this crisis.

3. Host a Virtual Dinner Party

Sadly many people are at home alone. There are plenty of apps (eg. houseparty) that create opportunities for you to facetime multiple persons at once. Create a list of persons you think may be dining alone in their home or apartment. If you can’t think of anyone ask friends or your church. Then arrange a time for each of you to log in together and share a meal online. Have a few fun conversation starters and enjoy connecting! At the end ask if anyone needs prayer and be open to sharing any words of encouragement.

4. Reach Out To a Random

Pause and ask the Lord if there is someone you can reach out to that you normally wouldn’t connect with. Embrace the awkward and contact the person God puts on your heart. An old school friend, neighbour or relative are all good starting points. It’s important that we check-in online or via the phone with people in times like these. Don’t assume that everyone is doing okay, or that other people are talking to that person. Reach out and ask if there is anything you can do or if they just want to chat. Make yourself available.

5. Get Creative!

Lastly, just take a moment to ask the Lord how you can be missional using your gifts and personality. The bible is full of times when God reached out to a hurting world in creative ways – just look at the life of Jesus! Be wise in following your country’s protocol and get creative with cool ideas to show someone they are loved and valued today!

Do you have a cool idea or something to add about how you are staying missional during this time of worldwide crisis?

Let us know and how we can be praying for you!

Stay safe everybody.

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