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During our recent lockdown in NSW I have been discovering a deeper intimacy with God. When I use the word ‘intimacy’ I am simply referring to a ‘deep and loving close relationship’. 

In Australia we have a lot of beaches. Have you ever been at a beach and noticed how much harder it is to walk on soft sand? I have. I immediately got tired quicker and had to put in more effort to cover the distance. I didn’t realise how difficult it was until I stepped onto firm ground – everything got easier.

This simple illustration paints a picture of why I love intimacy with God. We can walk through life relying on our own strength, relating to God occasionally or we can build our lives on a solid foundation of truth with deep intimacy and relationship with God. John 15:4-5 really highlights that we need to be one with God as He is our source of strength.

I have discovered my greatest source of strength in life will come from my relationship with God.

A close and personal relationship with God is like having something solid under your feet. It makes all the difference. God desires us to draw close to Him. The Bible tells us to “Draw near to God, and he will draw near to you” (James 4:8)

In the journey of life we face many different seasons.

There are great moments but also moments where we may be feeling down and discourage (especially if you are in lockdown right now.) We may feel alone, like we are simply drifting through life, or perhaps we haven’t laughed in a while, or been able to see your friends or family. You may be worried about your next set of bills or not know where rent is coming from this week.

Through every season I have learned that the key to moving through all of this is a deeper intimacy with God. If we look at Jesus life, He constantly withdrew to spend quality time with God. Matthew 14:23, Mark 1:35, Luke 5:16, Matthew 26:36

Here are 9 simple ways I have developed intimacy with God.

1. Aim for quality time with God not ‘quiet time’.

2. Intentionally invite God into your day and tasks, Don’t keep God in a 30min box in the morning

3. Pour out your heart to Him in prayer. Also take time to listen to God’s response.

4. Go for a walk and listen to some worship music

5. Spend time reading a verse and meditating on it.

6. Join a small group and learn with others

7. Find a place of beauty to enjoy and give God an opportunity to speak.

8. Journalling can be a great way to write down your prayers and process with the Lord.

9. Practice thanksgiving and gratitude to God for what He has given or done for you

It’s important to remember that intimacy with God doesn’t get rid of the trials and the pain of life, but it gives you a solid rock to cling to in the storms, a sure footing when the world feels too much, and provides a father and close friend. In John 15:15 Jesus literally calls us friends.

Living a life of true and deep relationship with God is empowering, encouraging, life giving, and secures your identity.

I hope you feel encouraged to step out into a deeper relationship with God and see what a difference knowing His solid character and nature will make to your life.



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