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With COVID-19 disrupting most of our daily routines why not take the opportunity to create a new routine?

Here are some fun ideas to help you create a new routine and make the best use of your day…


It’s best to try and save this little luxury for the weekends. To begin your day well why not skip the snooze button and start your morning slow? With many of us working from home we now have more time to use in the mornings. This is a great chance to listen to some worship, grab a cuppa and read a devotional all in the comfort of your cosy bed. Slow down and savour this moment in God’s presence. Don’t forget to write down what you are getting from the Lord as you seek His heart for your day. Enjoy!


Now is a good time to create a new habit to forget social media until you have had breakfast. Feel free to mix things up a little and get creative. Sometimes it’s the small things that make a breaky that little bit extra, eg. honey on your oats or shredded coconut on your muesli. Whatever your breakfast preference is make it top priority to give your body some nourishing fuel for the day.


It doesn’t need to be a huge work out (unless that’s your thing) but why not go for a walk around the block? If that is not an option find an app that has your exercise style and give yourself a ten-minute timeframe. It’s not about the length of time but the regularity. Start small and build yourself up to a new routine.


As tempting as it is to lie around all day in sweatpants – it’s important for your mental health to make an effort to get dressed in the morning. Have a bit of fun and experiment with outfits or bust out something fancy. Putting on a change of clothes can also positively impact your mood and help bring you into a new day.


Choose a book to learn and a book for fun. This season is a great opportunity to be ‘mentored’ by authors who will challenge you to go to the next level. Ask your mates for a good recommendation and read it together. Reading is a good activity to keep your brain alert. Along with a teaching book be sure to pick up a good novel – one that sparks your imagination!


In the age of the internet, there are so many online resources available to keep you inspired. Watch a TED talk, listen to a podcast, start a new Bible reading plan or read a cool blog. Pick a topic or an interest and get inspired!


Although we have more time to be online it doesn’t mean that we are necessarily ‘connected’. Don’t forget the value of intentional relationship especially in a time like this. Being intentional is something we need to be deliberate about and put in a little extra effort. Why not reach out to someone and connect online over a coffee and chat? It can be an opportunity to share what is on your heart and ask what God is doing in theirs. It’s important to process things in your life that you are reflecting upon and get input from others you respect and admire.


Make a list of things you have always wanted to do but never had the time for. Make it realistic and try not to challenge yourself beyond what is possible for this year with the current situation. For example, one goal could be to read the entire New Testament or start learning a new language. It’s important to know why you are setting these goals and what you hope they will achieve.

Pick a routine above and make it a part of your daily habit. There are beautiful things that God is doing in this season; pay attention to your day and don’t miss it!

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