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So, what is the ‘normal’ culture of the Kingdom?

Firstly, it’s a kingdom of abundance. We are planted by streams of living water. ALWAYS. When we know that our roots always have unlimited access to never ending streams of living water, we know that we can always bear fruit in every season.

We are never dry, but can always be prosperous. Even in a pandemic. Even in lockdown. Even when things feel way outside of our control.

If we feel fear, we can remind ourselves that in the Kingdom, fear gets swallowed up by Jesus’ love, if we embrace Him. Nothing can separate us from God’s heart of love for us.

If we feel weak, Jesus and Holy Spirit continually intercede for us in prayer. If we don’t know what to say or how to pray, the Spirit intercedes for us through wordless groans on our behalf. God is our source of strength. His strength fills our spirit, soul, and heart.

If we feel every kind of pressure we’re not crushed or forsaken or destroyed. Victory lives and dwells within us. Jesus, the overcomer, lives within us.

Jesus the hope of glory lives inside of us.

Jesus is the way, truth, and the life. We have full access to the Kingdom’s abundance, power, and promises, because we always have a seat at the table with Jesus.

God holds the victory over everything. There is nothing in our present or future circumstances that can weaken His steadfast love for us. Nothing. God is love. He will always lavishy love us, deeply.

Where the spirit of the Lord is there is freedom. Even in lockdown, we have full access to freedom in the Kingdom. Maybe not in a physical way that you’re expecting, but we have a table set before us full of freedom, provision, and joy.

We are never alone or abandoned. The Holy Spirit always dwells with us, and that is a promise.

The normality of the Kingdom can become our confidence and hope during this time of difficulty, because it’s the only foundational, unshaken normal we have in our lives.

Our focus is a confident unchanging hope– always living, not just a feeling– not striving to obtain a “new normal” and putting our expectations in things unstable. It’s okay to feel pain, to feel the hurt, frustration and injustice. Jesus felt compassion for humanity in deep hurt, pain, and injustice. Lovingkindness flowed out of this impact in his heart.

Remember that the Kingdom actually hasn’t changed like our culture has.

I invite you to let the culture of the Kingdom engage and embrace your heart & mind, in the midst of everything you may be feeling in lockdown. Ask yourself how can you engage with the culture of heaven instead of the culture of the world, today.

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