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Have you ever struggled with a big decision? Something you knew would define your life and change everything?

I had one of those moments. I had been a tradie in Western Australia for 7 years. Over that time I had built a great life, solid church community, surrounded by my family and great mates, and earning good money. As far as I was concerned I had all I needed.

During this time I had taken some time off and completed a 6 month course called a Discipleship Training School (DTS). It was in these 6 months I encountered God like never before. For the first time I truly discovered my purpose and passion in life.

I had a moment on the school I refer to as my love revelation, it was a powerful and moving moment in my life. God really got my attention and called me to live for more than just myself.

So in January of 2017 I was back home wrestling with the decision to continue with my life or take a risk into the unknown. The question was simple.

Do I stay a tradie or become a missionary?

Those decisions are never easy, weighing up the implications of both options. I went down to a beach and decided I wouldn’t leave until I knew what I wanted.

I had the comfort and safety of the known, settling back into the life I had lived but with the opportunity of even more money working as an electrician in the mines.

Or I could take a risk and step into the unknown world of missions.

Usually, I’m a very logical and analytical person so I usually look at the pros and cons and then decide. If I had done that I wouldn’t be here writing this blog. I would have gone back to the money, family and friends the world I knew well.

Instead that day on the beach I began to look at what I wanted out of life and it became harder and harder to ignore missions. It gave me a new purpose and ignited passion and excitement within me. Missions spoke to my heart while being a tradie spoke to my head to logic and reason.

It’s always going to be easy to go with the “tradie” lifestyle but sometimes in life, we have to put aside the pros and cons list and truly ask ourselves what do I want out of this life. It may make me happy now but will I regret it in 40 years?

So many people never live a life that unlocks their full potential because they are playing it safe. It’s like they have a feeling there may be something more out there for them but they don’t step out and go for it.

I never want to live a half-life with regret of what could have been. Life with God will always involve some sort of risk.

Can I encourage you to think about your life, your future? Is there a decision you need to make? Maybe you need to listen to what God is stirring within your heart and take a chance to see what happens as you embrace the unknown.

Maybe you’ll look back on it as the best thing you ever did.

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